The joy of simplicity

The beads of sweat is running down his face as the sun is glaring at his back but he continues on picking up cartons weighing like giant gorilla and puts them in the cart one by one until there isn’t any space left. He picks up with difficultly the heavy cart which weighs like 30 elephants are sitting on it instead of cartons  and moves forward with one only mission in mind, to reach the destination and unload the cart. He ignores the scorching heat of sun shining above his head and not letting it bother him or to get on his way of completing his task. The day comes to an end as his boss hands him the money, his hard work of the day and he heads home picking some fruits and a pair of shoes on his way with the little money he has, for his son as his previous pair got torn and worn out since he has been using it for four years. As he puts the first step inside home his lips stretch in to a brightest smile as he catches a glimpse of his son running towards him and pulls his son into a tight hug and tickles him as the kid couldn’t control the giggles and starts laughing hard. After an hour of their time together filled with their playing around and telling each other stories about their day he puts him off to bed and turn the lights off and can’t stop smiling as he sees his son hugging him tightly and not letting him go and that is all that makes him think how perfect his simple life is, he couldn’t wish for anything else because he has everything he has ever wished for, A happy and contented life: a perfect life.

A man fixes his tie as he walks out of his air conditioned office in to scorching hot sun and heads home in his expensive car. On the ride home he thinks about all the important work piled up for him tonight. He reaches home and quickly grabs something to eat before heading to the study room. While he is going through some papers he hears a knock on the door and asks the person to enter, his little 10 year old daughter heads inside and walks towards him, he asks, “honey, what’s the matter? I am busy right now” she says “daddy, see I a got star today on this drawing,the teacher said I am an artwist see daddy I am an artwist she says and starts jumping up and down” his headache starts building up with all the noise and tension of work so he says harshly, “ go to your mommy and show this to her,I have a lot of work to do” she stops jumping and frowns as all her happiness and joy is washed away and she tells him grumpily “ you are always busy daddy always, you never have time for us” and runs away after saying that. As he tries to sleep that night and thinks what went wrong? he has everything but still why isn’t his life perfect why?

We always look for perfect life in materialistic things the things which will bring happiness, that’s where we are wrong, the satisfaction and happiness comes from the simple and small thing in life , the small gestures, littles moments that’s where the true happiness lies, The secret of perfect life.


Everything is perfect

As the little 11 year old me was sitting on a stool in front of the kitchen island watching the most beautiful woman of my life, my mother making pancakes for me. My father also came and sat beside me and we waited for her to finish, as we both gazed at her lovingly and thought how perfect our life was. Sometimes I would question myself, why was my life so perfect? What would I do if it was somehow taken away from me? And for that I prayed every night before going to sleep that my life should remain perfect as it was. As time passed, I could see the difference in my mothers health. She really tried to hide her weakness but I could clearly see that through her eyes, they didn’t shine the same way they used to wherever she smiled, something was clearly wrong with her. As I would try to ask my father he would always say ‘nothing is wrong dear, everything is perfect’, the same lines my mother would say. When I reached 6th grade my mothers condition had become worse, she couldn’t even get out of bed and I would ask my parents what’s wrong and they would reply the exact same line they used to before ‘nothing is wrong dear, everything is perfect’ but I secretly heard papa talking on the phone that night, and I heard that one  word which would change my entire life, ‘cancer’. My mama had cancer. The following morning, I told them  that I knew the truth as tears flowed down my face, I tried, I really tried to act brave as I was a  big boy now according to mama but I couldn’t control them as I saw the weak body of mama laying there in front of me fighting through the last stage of cancer still beautiful as always, and  I couldn’t do anything about it. I felt like the most helpless person as I just watched helplessly and couldn’t save the most beautiful and important person of my life battling through life and death and finally she gave up. I couldn’t ease the pain she felt, her screams of pain would echo through my head day and night as they had become part of my nightmares and they would remind me what a helpless and pathetic person I was. After that

,I could see my father trying to act tough in front of me by hiding his pain of losing her and at that time, I hated those words he always told me ‘nothing is wrong dear, everything is perfect’ because at that time nothing was perfect.  At that day I vowed to myself, I would not let any other child go through the same pain of losing his mother battling through cancer. And today after so many years, I stand proudly in front of mamas grave with a degree in my hand and papa beside me with a proud smile on his face  as I recall how finally all my hard work and effort has paid off and now I can save all those mothers out there battling through cancer and no child will have to go through the same pain of losing the most beautiful woman of their life. Mama, I am finally a big man now, I am a doctor now and I will try my best to save other people who have cancer mama. I always wished that what if I was big enough at that time so I could save you but you alway said ‘everything happens for a reason’ and now I understand why you always said those words ‘nothing is wrong dear, everything is perfect’ to tell me never to lose hope and to look at the things I still have and see how perfect my life is and it really is perfect mama.