Three Deaths of a Soul

I watch my friends sitting on the corner table laughing at something the other one said and it also makes me smile, as they are enjoying their lunch. I forcefully push the wheels of the chair forward so I can reach their table with the lunch tray on my lap.On the way there I can see other students gazing at my 17 year old self as I walk by them, the expression that I hate the most in this world is clearly evident on their faces, pity.Pity for the girl who isn’t normal like them, the one who was perfectly fine few days before,one who could walk,run and do all the work normal people do. I was always a bubbly and happy girl before this accident a few days ago where I was walking on the street and a fast blur came suddenly which was the car with the drunk driver and hit me so hard that when I opened my eyes at the hospital for the first time it was tye most horrific feeling for me,I tried I really tried to feel something on my lower region but I couldn’t, I couldn’t move, I couldn’t even twich a finger on my legs then I came to know that I can’t stand anymore on my two feet for the rest of my life, I can’t run anymore and that was the most pathetic and helpless feeling I felt for myself,I wish and pray that no one, no one should ever go through that feeling again, I wish. It’s been few days since then and I am back in school and still am the happy and bubbly girl because no one can take my happiness away from me. But that feeling is decreasing day by day, the feeling of hope and happiness that everything will be alright, with their gazes which holds pity for me. As days passed the same people who were in my class, the same epeole who were in my school and were my friends started taking advantage of my helpless state and their expressions turned to loathing and they started bullying me just beacuse I couldn’t walk. But I didn’t tell my best friends,my family about it because I didn’t want to show this helpless side of me, I wanted to show everyone I am still the happy bubbly girl.

The day when they pushed me to my utmost limit that day I couldn’t take it anymore, the day when I beacme the source of entertainment for them when they left me in the middle of the forest just tor their fun and I was laying there helpless without my wheelchair without any support while insects were crawling above me and I lay there helpless shouting for help but no one came. My friends found me after four hours but I wasn’t the same like before.

That day something died inside me,something inside my soul, the cause of that was people around me they killed it, the first part of my soul, tye society killed the first part of my soul.

There are still two lives left of my soul so my soul is still alive,I still have my family with me and most importantly I have my self with me. so I haven’t lost hope.Society might have kilked a part of my soul but I still have hope my family and I myslef will not kill the other parts, I won’t let my soul die just like that because I am a fighter.

I believe that a soul has three lives, one life depends on society, the second life depends on family and close friends and the last life of soul depends on the person itself.

One part dies when society fails it, the seconf part dies when the family fails it but the most important and last string which is holding the persons soul from dying is when the person itself stops believing in himself or herself than that is the day that perosn dies from inside,t he person who becomes blind to the unjust happening in front of his eyes nd walks away just like that because society did the same to that person,society killed that part of the person’s soul. Finally, the soul is dead after it’s three essential part dies and that person becomes a soulless person.That person is alive in front of others but dead from inside.


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